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Removing Gelish Nail Polish

Our best advice regarding the removal of Gelish nail polish is simply not to do it yourself. When we are asked to apply Gelish nails, the very first thing we will do is to take the time and necessary preparation to make certain that your existing polish, varnish or coating is professionally removed before we start to apply anything to your nails.


Nail Professionals

We are professionals, we make certain that everything we do is geared to make your nails look beautiful and that includes proper preparation of your nails.

Why not remove Gelish Nails Yourself?

Normally, the Gelish nail polish lasts about two or three weeks without any chipping or peeling but by this time you will start to see your normal nail growth at the base of the nail. Of course this can be a bit irritating but please don't pick at or bite the Gelish nail polish off. Biting the polish could well damage your teeth and picking or biting around nails may well damage the surface of the nail and this could take some time to repair.

Picking at or biting the Gelish nail polish might make the nail brittle and thin as the top layer of the nail can come off with the polish if it isn't done correctly.

Leave it to The Professionals!

The price we quote to apply and finish your nails when we carry out a manicure or pedicure includes all the preparation work necessary to make certain that your nails look great for a long time.

Call us today on: 01656 457138 and we'll pop over and have your nails looking great in about an hour. There really is no need to remove Gelish nails yourself.

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Booking an Appointment?
Booking an Appointment?
Our job is to help you make the best choice of nail finish. We'll provide some inspiration, ideas and solutions and promise it will be a relaxing time - a cup of tea is always welcome!

Our Consultant will:
  • Show you our range of colours and finishes
  • Help you choose
  • Remove old varnish and polish carefully and fully prepare your nails
  • Apply the Gel Smoothly and then make sure the coat is hardened
  • If you're having acrylic nails, will apply the coat smoothly and accurately
  • Stay about 60 minutes
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